Automobile Accidents

Barrett Law Office, PLLC’s attorneys can help automobile accident victims seek compensation for their losses. Moreover, Barrett Law Office, PLLC’s attorneys are also prepared to represent family members of those who have perished in car accidents.

Car accident injuries are among the most common forms of personal injury that the general population encounters. Such accidents can involve cars, trucks, and/or motorcycles and take many different forms, including: T-bone collisions at intersections, head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, rollovers, lane-change collisions, and mishaps resulting from fundamentally unsafe road conditions. Many accidents are the result of carelessness, but some result from more culpable behavior, such as alcohol intoxication.

In some cases, automotive mishaps are caused not by drivers but rather by product defects, such as defective seatbelts, vulnerable gas tanks, poorly designed or manufactured tires susceptible to tread separation, or defective mechanical systems. In such instances of products liability, it may be possible to seek recovery from the relevant manufacturer.

These cases can be very fact intensive. Attorneys for plaintiffs in such accidents generally tend to examine police reports, interview witnesses, and obtain the appropriate witness testimony through depositions and/or trial. Where the facts of the accident are in dispute, the accident reconstruction and expert opinion of an engineer may prove critical. Factors that may be considered in such an assessment include accident scene photos – showing skid marks, vehicle damage, the final resting positions of the vehicles involved, and the condition of the road – and technical measurements recorded as part of the reconstructionist’s investigation on behalf of the plaintiff and visit to the site of the car wreck. Engineering experts from other disciplines may be necessary in the case of a defective product.

Much like other areas of personal injury, an expert medical opinion may be necessary to establish the causation and extent of injuries. The expert opinion of an economist may assist with the valuation of lost wages and earnings capacity, as well as expenses incurred by the plaintiff.

The lawyers of Barrett Law Office, PLLC are able to provide vigorous representation to those who have been injured. Barrett Law Office, PLLC attorneys have litigation experience both in Tennessee and elsewhere in the U.S.

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