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Welcome to the Barrett Law Office. We represent individuals and small businesses in a wide variety of legal matters. Our lawyers defend the rights of whistleblowers and assist them in seeking recovery under the federal and state False Claims Acts. Our firm also maintains a robust personal injury practice, with particular focus on cases involving serious bodily injury and wrongful death arising from such events as motor vehicle accidents (e.g., 18-wheeler collisions, tire failure, and SUV rollovers); health problems and property damage caused by hazardous chemical contamination (toxic torts); and physical harm inflicted by defective products. We also litigate claims in the areas of consumer protection, antitrust, and breach of contract. While our plaintiff’s practice features representation of clients in Tennessee, we continue to serve clients throughout the country as well.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Personal injury encompasses a wide array of torts, arising from such areas as automotive collisions (car accidents and truck accidents), exposure of humans to toxic contaminants (toxic torts), medical malpractice, premises liability, and physical injury… READ MORE



Barrett Law Office, PLLC has substantial experience defending the rights of whistleblowers and recovering taxpayer funds under the False Claims Act. The basis of a False Claims Act case is that the government was cheated in one form or another — the “false claim”… READ MORE

Elder Care / Nursing Home

Negligent or abusive treatment in nursing homes can be extremely problematic for family members to sort out, given the emotional strain arising from the predicament of a loved one and the difficulty of ascertaining and understanding the facts at issue… READ MORE

Wrongful Death

These cases reflect the most difficult circumstances for family members because the main consequence of the wrongful death is serious and permanent, namely the loss of a loved one, leaving not only emotional scars but often deprivation of financial support and… READ MORE

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