Personal Injury

Barrett Law Office, PLLC’s attorneys maintain a personal injury practice on behalf of plaintiffs. Personal injury encompasses a wide array of torts, arising from such areas as automotive collisions (car accidents and truck accidents), exposure of humans to toxic contaminants (toxic torts), medical malpractice, premises liability, and physical injury caused by defective products (products liability). Through such causes of action as negligence, gross negligence, and those arising pursuant to statutory authority, the objective of a plaintiff’s attorney in a personal injury lawsuit is to secure compensation for the client from the wrongdoer for the harm inflicted.

Some cases are pursued by lawyers to seek compensation for victims who have sustained physical injuries that were not fatal. Medical expenses (past and future), the cost of rehabilitation, lost wages and diminished earnings capacity, and pain and suffering often are among the types of damages that lawyers seek to recover for their injured clients.

Where a victim of personal injury caused by another has died from his injuries, it may be possible through a wrongful death lawsuit for certain members of the decedent’s family to secure damages from the responsible parties.

These cases, particularly where serious injuries are involved, often become more complex than is commonly understood due to the need for expert testimony. In the case of an automotive accident where the physical facts concerning the actions of motorists and movement of vehicles are in dispute, for example, expert accident reconstruction is frequently necessary together with the testimony of an expert in the field. Dangerously defective products are often evaluated by engineering experts hired by attorneys. Specialized medical professionals (such as neurologists or neuropsychologists in the event of brain injury) are commonly relied on as experts to evaluate the nature and degree of injury, as well as prospects for rehabilitation and recovery. Economists can be called on to quantify precisely the monetary damages at issue in a personal injury action.

The lawyers of Barrett Law Office, PLLC are flexible in their approach and customize it to the unique facts of the case. Barrett Law Office, PLLC lawyers have litigation experience in Tennessee and elsewhere in the U.S.

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