Truck Accidents

Barrett Law Office, PLLC’s attorneys can help truck accident victims seek compensation for their losses, which can be particularly extensive given the sheer force that can be inflicted by a truck, bus, or other large vehicle. The force that can be unleashed by a truck can be magnified by the heavy load that it carries. Moreover, the firm’s attorneys can provide representation for the family members of those who have perished in accidents caused by truck drivers.

It is a common and unfortunate occurrence on our roadways and interstates to see emergency responders tending to the scene of accident where a truck has collided with a conventionally sized passenger vehicle. Generally, it is the automobile and its passengers that have received the brunt of the damage and injury inflicted by the collision of a car and truck. An ordinary passenger vehicle is physically no match for a truck, particularly a tractor-trailer, in a collision. Barrett Law Office PLLC and its attorneys are able to provide vigorous legal representation in an effort to seek compensation for victims of negligently or recklessly operated trucks.

Many factors can lead to an accident where a passenger vehicle is struck by a truck with resulting personal injury to the occupants. A truck driver, for instance, may have violated a federal safety regulation associated with the Federal Highway Safety Administration. Or he may have violated a state law.

There are also certain basic physical factors resulting from negligence that can lead to an accident involving a truck notwithstanding the statutory and regulatory requirements imposed on the trucker. These include lack of rest, improper positioning of cargo, poor maintenance of the truck, excessive speed, ingestion of certain prescription drugs, and substance abuse. Regardless of the exact nature of the truck driver’s fault, a lawyer can help an accident victim sort out the facts and the law in an effort to secure compensation from those responsible. Our attorneys have litigation experience in Tennessee and various states across the country.

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