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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Barrett Law Office, PLLC attorneys can help individuals file suit with respect to nursing home neglect or abuse. Our lawyers have experience representing the victims of such treatment.

The aging of our population has resulted in an increasing number of elderly people who reside in nursing homes and assisted living communities. Circumstances arise from time to time where these residents receive inferior, negligent care. On occasion, they are the victims of abusive conduct by nursing home staff. Nursing home residents who suffer from memory problems are particularly vulnerable to a continuing pattern of poor treatment.

Negligent or abusive treatment in nursing homes can be extremely problematic for family members to sort out, given the emotional strain arising from the predicament of a loved one and the difficulty of ascertaining and understanding the facts at issue. The deteriorating memory and communication skills of a nursing home resident can make it difficult for family members to uncover neglect or abuse or get to the bottom of exactly what happened. Often, physical abnormalities (dehydration, bruises, bed sores, etc.) offer the first signs of a problem. While the elderly are typical the victims of such treatment, the elderly are not the exclusive victims of such conduct.

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